• Second Home & Let Properties
    Second Home & Let Properties

Second Home & Let Properties

At Bullerwell we understand that it does not matter whether you are insuring the home you live in, your holiday home or the property you rent out, the service you receive from your broker should be consistent.

Our Private Clients team have considerable experience in all these areas, so that when you call, you have peace of mind that they will understand your needs.

There are a number of unique responsibilities and obligations that you incur when owning more than one property. At Bullerwell, we believe that policies of this type must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis so that we can fully identify the needs and requirements of each individual client and their property.

This attention to detail means that our clients generally choose to insure all of their properties with us, allowing them to rest easy, knowing that all of their insurances are under one roof with a broker who understands their needs.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of professionalism and providing an unrivalled personal service to all of our clients, new and old.