15Jun 2020

Almost every aspect of life has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic; businesses re-opening and employees returning to work cannot alone erase the additional pressures we have all endured during lockdown. Many businesses have been forced to close or at least reduce their capacity putting stress on employees’ physical and financial security. With the uncertainty […]

04May 2020

The UK government, just like many others, have put a number of restrictions in place to try to help reduce the spread of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The aim is to decrease contact between people and to promote social distancing through as many people staying at home as much as possible. One of these […]

24Apr 2020

We are very excited to announce that our Appointed Representative LPP have become part of the Bullerwell brand; after two years of working closely together it was the natural next step in the development of the two companies. What this means for LPP’s clients? Larger dedicated in-house team for High Value, Listed, Thatch and Non-standard […]

26Mar 2020

In the current climate the majority of businesses are following Government advise of temporary closure of their premises and construction sites, apart from the obvious disruption to business this can also impact your insurances. It’s important to consider that your policy wording may contain unoccupied buildings conditions, many insurers are agreeing to wave or amend […]

14Feb 2020

What is Coronavirus? Coronaviruses are a form of virus typically causing a range of respiratory tract illnesses and flu like symptoms. The majority of coronaviruses won’t harm us, with just 7 being known to infect humans on top of animal species in which they are common. According to health experts, most people will contract at […]

16Jan 2020

What is Phishing? Phishing is a form of cyber-attack carried out by hackers with the aim of tricking users into providing them with confidential data and information. Research suggest that up to 45% of UK businesses have suffered and attack in the last 2 years, making it one of the most common forms of cyber-attack. […]

16Dec 2019

The skills shortage is costing over £6 billion per year to UK employers due to greater training costs, as well as recruitment costs and employment of temporary staff. According to government data, in the past 12 months over 90 percent of organisations in the UK with open positions in their workforce have struggled to find […]

18Nov 2019

Outdated Windows systems vulnerable to BlueKeep exploit In recent weeks there has been a significant rise in exploitation attempts targeting devices vulnerable to the BlueKeep exploit, also known as CVE-2019-0708. BlueKeep is a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and was first reported in May 2019. It is ‘wormable’, meaning […]

18Oct 2019

How The HSE Are Defending Against Asbestos As part of its wider #WorkRight campaign the HSE’s latest inspection initiative will target dust related risks, including asbestos, in order to prevent lung diseases caused by construction work. Surprise inspections will be carried out across Great Britain between 7th October and 1st November, meaning that construction employers […]

04Oct 2019
construction and developer insurance

What You Should Be Doing To Avoid It “In Crisis”, is not an over-exaggeration when describing the current state of the Professional Indemnity Insurance Market for the construction sector. The combination of increases in professional indemnity (PI) claims from the UK construction sector coupled with major catastrophes such as the Grenfell tragedy and Carillion’s financial […]

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