What is a backup policy? Backup policies are plans set out to mitigate against data loss in the event of ransomware attacks, data corruption or hardware failure. The complexity of the backup policy is dependent on the size off the organisation, quantity of data, number of applications and regulatory obligations of the organisation. If created […]

We have put together a short list of some tips that can be used to help you prevent and avoid escape of water incidents taking place. Sinks And Showers Check your Taps and Shower heads regularly – Catching a leaky tap/shower head early could save you a lot of time and money. For example, you […]

An unfortunate new risk has emerged as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be distributed throughout the UK. The NHS are warning people that scam emails, phone calls and text messages, attempting to trick people waiting for the vaccine have been reported. Scammers are telling recipients that they have been selected to receive the vaccine within […]

In response to the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic, the British government have imposed a national lockdown. Following this latest lockdown news, your mental well-being could suffer and it may help to keep the following tips in mind to maintain your mental well-being. Keep a Routine One of the best things that you can do to preserve your […]

With the glooming risk of a potential second wave of COVID-19, the government have imposed new coronavirus restrictions across the UK. The Primer Minister, Boris Johnson, has said we have reached a “perilous turning point” in the fight against the pandemic, and therefore the new restrictions could be in place for up to six months. […]

The UK Government has been relaxing lockdown measures in order to ease restrictions and help kick start the economy, however many restrictions remain in place, in particular regarding travelling abroad. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you need to be aware of the safety protocols in police for both your destination and on […]

Almost every aspect of life has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic; businesses re-opening and employees returning to work cannot alone erase the additional pressures we have all endured during lockdown. Many businesses have been forced to close or at least reduce their capacity putting stress on employees’ physical and financial security. With the uncertainty […]

The UK government, just like many others, have put a number of restrictions in place to try to help reduce the spread of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The aim is to decrease contact between people and to promote social distancing through as many people staying at home as much as possible. One of these […]

We are very excited to announce that our Appointed Representative LPP have become part of the Bullerwell brand; after two years of working closely together it was the natural next step in the development of the two companies. What this means for LPP’s clients? Larger dedicated in-house team for High Value, Listed, Thatch and Non-standard […]

In the current climate the majority of businesses are following Government advise of temporary closure of their premises and construction sites, apart from the obvious disruption to business this can also impact your insurances. It’s important to consider that your policy wording may contain unoccupied buildings conditions, many insurers are agreeing to wave or amend […]