The UK government, just like many others, have put a number of restrictions in place to try to help reduce the spread of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The aim is to decrease contact between people and to promote social distancing through as many people staying at home as much as possible. One of these […]

How The HSE Are Defending Against Asbestos As part of its wider #WorkRight campaign the HSE’s latest inspection initiative will target dust related risks, including asbestos, in order to prevent lung diseases caused by construction work. Surprise inspections will be carried out across Great Britain between 7th October and 1st November, meaning that construction employers […]

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What You Should Be Doing To Avoid It “In Crisis”, is not an over-exaggeration when describing the current state of the Professional Indemnity Insurance Market for the construction sector. The combination of increases in professional indemnity (PI) claims from the UK construction sector coupled with major catastrophes such as the Grenfell tragedy and Carillion’s financial […]