What has Happened? An official blog has been posted by Google which confirms that a new “Zero-Day” vulnerability (CVE-2022-0609) has been found in Chrome browsers and is being Utilised by Hackers.   How to Keep Up to Date? A link to Google’s blog post about this issue is    What Can Be Done? A […]

Most of us can admit to enjoying the convenience that online shopping provides. However, there are also some potential risks. It’s always important to be aware that payment methods, personal details and other sensitive data can all be possible cyber-security risks. The following precautions can help you to stay safe while you shop online: Check […]

What is a backup policy? Backup policies are plans set out to mitigate against data loss in the event of ransomware attacks, data corruption or hardware failure. The complexity of the backup policy is dependent on the size off the organisation, quantity of data, number of applications and regulatory obligations of the organisation. If created […]

What is Phishing? Phishing is a form of cyber-attack carried out by hackers with the aim of tricking users into providing them with confidential data and information. Research suggest that up to 45% of UK businesses have suffered and attack in the last 2 years, making it one of the most common forms of cyber-attack. […]

Outdated Windows systems vulnerable to BlueKeep exploit In recent weeks there has been a significant rise in exploitation attempts targeting devices vulnerable to the BlueKeep exploit, also known as CVE-2019-0708. BlueKeep is a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and was first reported in May 2019. It is ‘wormable’, meaning […]

The vast majority of email related cyber attacks and the associated crimes that result from them (wire transfer fraud, data theft and further phishing attacks) could potentially have been prevented by implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) on email accounts and other security critical accounts. None of us would consider closing the door of our home or […]

Cyber-Threats With technology in both the home and workplace continually evolving, it is becoming ever more critical because of cyber-threats to ensure that you have proper cyber-security measures in place. To help our clients combat these risks and ensure robust cyber-risk management practices we want to keep you updated on the latest cyber-threats. The European […]