With technology in both the home and workplace continually evolving, it is becoming ever more critical because of cyber-threats to ensure that you have proper cyber-security measures in place.

To help our clients combat these risks and ensure robust cyber-risk management practices we want to keep you updated on the latest cyber-threats.

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) Threat Landscape Report 2018, ENISA identified Europe’s top 15 cyber-security threats from the past 12 months.

The top four threats largely remained identical to previous years (eg malware, web-based attacks, web-application attacks and phishing), however, the report discovered a rise in two relatively new cyber-threats—cryptojacking and denial of service (DoS) botnets:


This is when cyber-criminals hijack a computer via an internet browser or email to mine cryptocurrencies (eg Bitcoin or Monero) without consent or even knowledge of the owner. Consider these tips to protect your business:

  1. Keep your internet browsers secure by installing ad-blocking and anti-cryptomining extensions.
  2. Prevent email hacking by reminding staff members to never click on suspicious websites or links in their emails.

DoS botnets

Malicious botnets hack into a device and trick the owner into downloading software that allows the botnet’s operator to gain full control of the device – this doesn’t have to be a computer; it can be any device with a processor and internet access i.e. a Fridge.

The botnet operator can then launch a DoS attack to shut down a company’s website or email spam to millions of internet users. Use this advice to avoid botnet issues:

o             Never download attachments or software without confirming its validity.

o             Routinely update your devices’ operating systems. In addition, be sure to implement hacking safeguards such as firewall and anti-malware software.

As cyber-threats continue to evolve, so do your insurance needs, Cyber Cover is no longer a nice to have, but rather an essential part of any robust insurance programme.


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